Will losing weight reduce my snoring?

In response to a question on healthshare.com.au

Snoring doesn't go away completely with weight loss. However, sleep apnoea can improve significantly with weight loss, and sleep apnoea is one of the medical conditions associated with snoring.

Sleep apnoea is a more severe form where breathing actually stops for 10 seconds up to a minute or more! This is usually picked up by a partner. Problems for the person affected by sleep apnoea include sleepiness during the day, lack of energy or concentration, and potentially heart strain from the increased blood pressure in the lungs (pulmonary hypertension).

If you think you have sleep apnoea, it is very worthwhile contacting your GP to organise a sleep study and a review by a sleep specialist. If the sleep study shows sleep apnoea, most people benefit from a machine that clips on to the nose to keep the airways open during sleep (nasal CPAP). They will also assess your weight, and if necessary can recommend a program for weight loss.

Other causes of snoring are often best addressed by an ENT surgeon (ear, nose and throat; otorhinolaryngologist). Depending on the cause, either surgery or a prosthesis may help.