Are there alternative medicine options for gallstones?

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For most people, surgery is the most reliable treatment for gallstones. There are, however, alternative treatments that are used on occasion. Read More...

I have gallbladder problems – what are my options?

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The gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ that lies below the liver. One of the jobs of the liver is to make bile that passes down the bile duct to mix with food in the small intestine, and aid in digestion. Some of this bile is diverted to the gallbladder for storage. When food, particularly fatty food travel thought the gut, the gallbladder contracts in order to squeeze out some bile into the gut to further facilitate digestion. Read More...

What are the side effects of gallbladder removal?

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Most people who have their gall bladder removed have no side effects at all, other than some discomfort from the surgery.

It is usual to have pain in the incisions and in the right shoulder for about three days after surgery; the shoulder pain is caused by irritation of the diaphragm by gas, this irritation causes “referred pain” which is experienced as shoulder pain. After the initial pain has settled, there is usually some mild discomfort in the incisions for two to three weeks. Read More...