Asian Pacific HPBA Congress

Dean Spilias has been attending the AP-HPBA Congress held in Melbourne from 27-30 September 2011. There have been some updates in pancreatic surgery, in particular the management of cystic disease of the pancreas.

What is the treatment for pancreatic cancer?

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The treatment of pancreatic cancer requires a team approach to maximise the chances of a good outcome. Read More...

What are ways that can help prevent pancreatic cancer?

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Unfortunately we don't yet know enough about the causes of pancreatic cancer to have reliable advice about the prevention of pancreatic cancer.

There is a link between smoking and pancreatic cancer, with smokers probably at two or three times the risk of non-smokers, but there are certainly many people who develop pancreatic cancer without ever smoking. Read More...

How is pancreatic cancer diagnosed?

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Pancreatic cancer can be difficult to diagnose; sometimes it causes no symptoms, and the symptoms that do occur can be caused by many other condiitons. Read More...